Parasites By Matthew Samuels

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted a review but I’m here now to make it up to you. I was contacted by Matthew Samuels (a month ago, maybe more) because he noticed I kept commenting on my friends review. I was given this book by the author, this does not affect my review. I was immediately attracted to the cover at first (I’m not going to lie) but when I read my friends review, I just knew I wanted to read it and let me just say that I’m really glad I did. This book had everything I wanted in a sci-fi story.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

The story is set on the planet Lyra where resources and the population are slowly declining. A scientist discovers a way where humans can travel through these patches in space called “thinnings.” With this technology, they’re able to travel to different planets in alternate universes in search for food and other forms of resources.

Alessia and Kael are explorers in Lyra traveling through these thinnings in search for valuable resources in order to extend the life span of their people. 2 years ago, Alessia’s father went on a mission regarding a clue for a more permanent solution to their dilemma. Her father never returned from the mission. 2 years later, Alessia and Kael stumble across the same clue her father ran into and are sent on a mission along with their bodyguard Basteel in hopes of solving the mystery.

I thought this book was very well written. One of the things I loved about the book was that it’s an easy read. What I mean by this is that it flows well and the author did not make it difficult for the reader with all the science/technological terms. The science was such an interesting aspect to the story. The author made it entirely believable as what we as humans can possibly overcome sometime in the future. I do believe that some day, we can have technological advances that will allow us to somehow travel through space.

This book is packed with amazing characters. I loved all of their personalities, all except one (he who must not be named). This one character was difficult to like but I think it was meant to be this way. Alessia is a strong female character with a little bit of a soft side too and though she shows it a few times, she can easily switch back to tough mode. Kael is funny and an undercover nerd. Basteel… I just love Basteel. He is just a sweetheart and I love his accent. Slyth grew on me. She started off as an annoying character, but she really had some huge character development and I enjoyed her growth. She became my favorite character despite having a snarky attitude.

The creatures the characters faced throughout their travels were so cool and unique and I could totally picture them in my head (I love when a book can make me do this). There are a lot of different worlds the characters visit, each planet was entirely different from the last, some habitable and some not so habitable. This made it more of an adventure since it did not make it seem like they traveled to rainbows and sunshine all the time. The characters actually go through dangerous obstacles in which they need to fight to survive. I did forget to mention that there was a scene that had me shed a few tears (I’m sensitive). I’ll just let that sink in a little.

So, do I recommend this book? Why yes, yes I do. I gave this book 5 stars. If you like space travel and aliens, then this is the book for you.

Again, thank you guys for stopping by and thank you to Matthew Samuels for sending me a copy, I loved it.

Happy reading!

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